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Memez by slepo1 Memez by slepo1
So here's a story: had a busy day yesterday and was a bit of an up and downer, came home and went to sleep a bit early.
The sleep wasn't too effective and couldn't fall asleep until it was like 1-2 AM ( went to bed around 11 PM), but then I was woken up by a bugged dA mobile app that this time made an exception and did the push notification for a note.

I was like "it might be someone looking for a commish... fucking finally", at that time it was around 5:15 AM.
To my "luck", the note was titled "ALERT DETECTED HACKERS"... fuck my life. It had some stupidass journal, from some scrubfuck that doesn't post anything except for one thing and favs a fuckton ( A fuckton of "horror/goth" shit to be precise ( and funfact, when I checked at the amount of faves he had at the moment, it was at 666 hahaha, bigger chance that he was a fucking bot), that talks about some Serbian deviant and "proof" that he's got this bot program that can snatch IP adresses... wow.
But I kinda had to vent, because honestly shit like that creeps me the fuck out ( I'm very sceptical but then again, you never know what the fuck's real yo), so I went thru my notifications and watchbox looking for journals or statuses regarding that bullshit, but no luck. So I kinda chose to keep a few of those statuses undeleted to see what everyone's up to.

Then comes an update from :icongreteh: that says that she's streaming, and I'm like "WOOO, time to meymey in the chat until I fall asleep". I join in and wouldn't you know it there's a bunch of peeps there and they're all friendly folks :)
Some of them leave, Grety included, and me and a few others stay, I asked the remaining premium streamer if I could join the multistream after I sleep for a while more.
Took 3 more hours of sleep and thus woke up around 9, went and took a shower, and then the memes and socialising began :D
Met a lot of good peeps, had fun and drew lots of stuff ^^'

Phew :V  that was a bit too much, I don't really have a good summary for this because that's pretty much it :P
Well, enjoy whatever there is and... yeah
Sorry for the wall of text btw, I might delete it XP
Cheers ^^

Pssst, I've got commissions btw: Sketch Commissions!
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